sometimes paradise is a hamaca…

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courtesy of

I love hammocks (hamacas).!! They’re the perfect beach side accoutrement 🙂 In the Riviera Maya, they are a huge draw at many bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Among Riviera Maya residents, sometimes they’re they only sleeping arrangements they have. Now while I love a good hamaca, I don’t think I would ever get comfortable enough to sleep in it all night.! But you never know…

4 thoughts on “sometimes paradise is a hamaca…

    • Lol..It’s even worse if you get into a hammock with someone else. There’s a book in the Riviera Maya (which I never bought) about the many ways to have sex in a hammock.!! I’m like I can’t even lay in there by myself without worrying about breaking something let alone getting some good old fashioned loving on.!! oh my.! hahaha…

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