sometimes paradise is a tres aniversario…

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March 18th is another very important date in my life. For starters, six years ago, I went to Playa del Carmen for the first time and my life was changed. I fell in love with the people, the town, and Mexico itself.!! I never wanted to leave. But leave I did…

And so three years ago on the very same date…I started my blog. I needed to deal with the pain of leaving a place I had grown to love immensely. I need to grieve the loss of Playa’s sky, clouds, water and scent which I no longer received nourishment from on a daily basis. I needed blog therapy.!!! jajaja

And it worked.!! Yesterday was my three year anniversary.!!! While, I can’t believe three years have gone by; I also can’t believe I don’t miss Playa as much.?! Of course, I miss my friends.! But I now have a new life in Chicago which I love very much too 🙂

Thank you dear fellow bloggers for your support and encouragement.! I truly feel like I have made some good friends from blogging and developed a social network 🙂 Thank you to all of my readers, followers, and friends.! If you didn’t keep reading, I probably would have stopped writing at some point and the blog therapy wouldn’t have been as successful.! So thank you 😀 Muchas gracias a todos.!!

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