sometimes paradise is grateful…

a quiet night...

a quiet night…

My friend P., the photographer not only took these beautiful photos last week after the Maja’Che, but she wrote the following post on her Facebook page –

“como esta zona de México depende del turismo, a las pocas horas de haber quedado hecha un caos entre árboles y basura en las calles, impresionantemente ya limpiaron todo! Ninguna tempestad o huracán ha podido tumbar este lugar sin que se haya vuelto a levantar… Buenos días Cancún! #proudofyou”

the morning after...

the morning after…

“as this area of Mexico depends on tourism, a few hours after having been in chaos among trees and garbage in the streets, awesomely and cleaned everything! No storm or hurricane could knock this place without having risen again … Good morning Cancun! #proudofyou”

So beautiful.!! And beautifully said 🙂

28 thoughts on “sometimes paradise is grateful…

    • Yes…you would love it. The sky is one of the most amazing sites in Mexico. And then of course there’s the Caribbean 🙂 You should definitely go one day.!!

  1. Just wanted to say Hello! ☺️ Fyi. My mom’s 1st year anniversary is coming up. It does get better with time. Thanks for your presence last year. Take care. 💕

    • Hello.!! I’m so glad to hear my presence was helpful last year. Think of your mom often and smile when you do. So nice to hear from you 🙂 Take care of yourself.!

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