dos equis neuvo hombre

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As promised, here is the Dos Equis commercial introducing the new The Most Interesting Man in the World. I’m still not sold on him 100%. I know, I know, sometimes it’s hard to let go of the past. And sometimes, the new just sucks.

Dear bloggers, I would like to know your thoughts on the rebound guy. I look forward to hearing from you 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy your weekend.!! Cheers.! Y salud.!

10 thoughts on “dos equis neuvo hombre

  1. I’m maybe somewhat biased due to the fact that I may be the most interesting man in the world. 😉 He definitely has potential based on the fact a very beautiful gal, who from my perspective does not seem to be the high flaunting type, appears next to him at the very end. I suspect that she may be the most interesting woman in the world. Now that would be a new twist.

    • Hahaha.! You ARE the most interesting man in the world Patrick.!! And I completely agree with you – wouldn’t it be a nice twist if there was a most interesting woman in the world 😀

  2. Ohhh…so hard to compare! The new man and even commercials look like they are taking it in a whole new direction. More action, energy…I think it will be good, just different.
    I don’t like change either. I hate when they remake 80s movies lol. *tiny rant*
    But I think these new commercials will be good. He is good looking. He has hard shoes to fill.
    Looking forward to them. Have a great weekend.

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