sometimes paradise is a purple haze sunset…

courtesy of

courtesy of

A beautiful sunset taken on Sunday evening at one of my favorite beach clubs – Lido Beach Club.! So warm and beautiful I can feel it all the way in chilly Chicago 🙂

sometimes paradise is a new dawn…


My lovely friend, P. the photographer, captured this amazing photo Sunday morning. What a beautiful way to start a new day.!!

sometimes paradise is full…

courtesy of photo credit: SupYogaTulum

courtesy of photo credit: SupYogaTulum

a full moon that is.! Unbelievably gorgeous shot of the full moon Saturday night in Playa del Carmen.!

Hola luna.!! It’s good to see you again 🙂

sometimes paradise is sheer perfection…

courtesy of

courtesy of

I mean seriously I can’t make this stuff up.!! This picture taken yesterday in Playa is sheer perfection.!! An ocean view complete with a spectacular rainbow (arco iris) from one of the tables at Zenzi Beach Bar (a personal favorite I might add).!

Due to all the storm activity in the Caribbean, the sky is always a beautiful mix of azure blue, clouds, and rainbows. That’s the upside. The downside is Hurricane Matthew was in the neighborhood and is heading north. Wishing everyone in the hurricane’s path Godspeed.

sometimes playa is old school…

courtesy of Jeff Seratta

Playa del Carmen ferry pier past courtesy of Jeff Seratta/

The photo above showcases Playa del Carmen when it was old school. Before 2005, Playa was just a small sleepy little fishing town. It’s biggest claim to fame was the port where you could catch the ferry to Cozumel.

Now it’s a bustling destination city on to itself. And the ferry pier has been modernized. Oh my, how times have changed.!

Playa del Carmen ferry pier now courtesy of

Playa del Carmen ferry pier present courtesy of

sometimes paradise is grateful…

a quiet night...

a quiet night…

My friend P., the photographer not only took these beautiful photos last week after the Maja’Che, but she wrote the following post on her Facebook page –

“como esta zona de México depende del turismo, a las pocas horas de haber quedado hecha un caos entre árboles y basura en las calles, impresionantemente ya limpiaron todo! Ninguna tempestad o huracán ha podido tumbar este lugar sin que se haya vuelto a levantar… Buenos días Cancún! #proudofyou”

the morning after...

the morning after…

“as this area of Mexico depends on tourism, a few hours after having been in chaos among trees and garbage in the streets, awesomely and cleaned everything! No storm or hurricane could knock this place without having risen again … Good morning Cancun! #proudofyou”

So beautiful.!! And beautifully said 🙂

sometimes paradise is maja’che….


On May 5th, Playa del Carmen experienced a storm or tormenta. The winds came suddenly, furiously and fiercely.


Maja’Che is the Mayan name for sudden winds that can knock over trees. My very brave friend P., the photographer, took these amazing photos. There are also some videos – I’ll see if I can post them soon. Also, there were some lovely calm “after storm” photos I’ll share next time too 🙂