desperately seeking warmth….

punta venado, playa del carmen

punta venado, playa del carmen

Chicago Tribune
Staff report
7:43 a.m. CDT, April 30, 2014

“Chicago has seen six straight months of below normal temperatures, and the beginning of May will not disappoint.”

I have to admit dear readers and fellow bloggers, I’m despondent. The weather here in Chicago is making me feel trapped, isolated, and restless. Hence, my inability to publish one blog post or even reblog last week.!! Deep sigh….

I long to go for leisurely walks along the water. I dream of sitting outside with a tasty beverage and great conversation. I yearn to expose my bare skin – shoulders, toes, the small of my back – to the elements.!

But alas, I am still bundled up. Chicago is still bundled up. And so we both saunter with an air of melancholy through the day straining for freedom. Freedom from the oppressive cold. Freedom from home captivity. Freedom from these dangnabit layers of clothing.!!

When I close my eyes at night, I fantasize about playa. The warm ocean breezes, the happy voices of people greeting each other, and the blue sky (always the sky) keep me sane.

But then I wake up… And I find myself still here in this grey, cold existence. And all I can think of is “no me gusta” and “how much does a plane ticket cost.?” Another deep sigh…