dos equis adios amigo

This still image provided by Dos Equis shows a scene from one of the beer company's ads featuring actor Jonathan Goldsmith as the "Most Interesting Man in the World." Dos Equis said Wednesday, March 9, 2016, they are dumping Goldsmith for another actor, in an effort to attract younger drinkers. (Dos Equis via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

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Saying goodbye is never easy and especially to The Most Interesting Man in the World.!!! And while the world said goodbye to him back in September, I’ve been avoiding the whole goodbye scene. I somehow felt that if I didn’t post it here it wasn’t real. But alas, it is all too real. Dos Equis already replaced The Most Interesting Man in the World with another.!?!? Is nothing sacred.?!?! I guess not. hmph…

So the time has come for me (and you fellow bloggers and dear readers) to say “adios amigo” to the man who entertained us with such charm and derring do. Next week, I’ll introduce us to the rebound guy for The Most Interesting Man in the World. I’m not sold on him yet. Excuse me while I go find a kleenex, I have something in my eye 😦 In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

sometimes paradise is a tres aniversario…

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March 18th is another very important date in my life. For starters, six years ago, I went to Playa del Carmen for the first time and my life was changed. I fell in love with the people, the town, and Mexico itself.!! I never wanted to leave. But leave I did…

And so three years ago on the very same date…I started my blog. I needed to deal with the pain of leaving a place I had grown to love immensely. I need to grieve the loss of Playa’s sky, clouds, water and scent which I no longer received nourishment from on a daily basis. I needed blog therapy.!!! jajaja

And it worked.!! Yesterday was my three year anniversary.!!! While, I can’t believe three years have gone by; I also can’t believe I don’t miss Playa as much.?! Of course, I miss my friends.! But I now have a new life in Chicago which I love very much too πŸ™‚

Thank you dear fellow bloggers for your support and encouragement.! I truly feel like I have made some good friends from blogging and developed a social network πŸ™‚ Thank you to all of my readers, followers, and friends.! If you didn’t keep reading, I probably would have stopped writing at some point and the blog therapy wouldn’t have been as successful.! So thank you πŸ˜€ Muchas gracias a todos.!!

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walmart, hot dogs, and home or my quest for the holy grail

The other day I mentioned what an important date February 17th seems to be in my life. So I reposted my return trip home blog. Today, I want to revisit a year ago when I got my job offer.! And yes, I’m still there πŸ™‚


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I was never a huge fan of Walmart when I lived in the states. I have always been a bigger groupie of Target which I first discovered while living in L.A. in my early twenties. Or like a really, really, long time ago πŸ™‚ Target got a hold of my loyalty first and kept me just happy enough that the hold never loosened.

However, when I moved to Mexico, there were no Targets. But, there were Walmarts. In fact, Playa del Carmen had three Walmarts.!! Go figure. So whenever I felt homesick, I went to Walmart. It was eerily familiar to the Walmarts in the states minus the signs in Spanish. And it comforted me in a way that going to the local businesses in playa did not. Oftentimes, I would meet my friend C., the beauty contest winner, and we would eat hot dogs at Walmart.!…

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sometimes paradise is a love song part 11…

Edgar Oceransky’s “Estoy Aqui” is a personal favorite of mine. It’s one of those songs that if I didn’t live in Mexico and hadn’t had a Mexican boyfriend at some point – it would never have crossed my path. And that would have been heartbreaking. Because it’s usually the dreams and goals you didn’t get to that leave you inconsolable and regretful. That’s how I would feel if this song had never echoed in my ears, my heart, and my soul. It has just the right amount of heartbreak, longing, and loneliness. Enjoy πŸ™‚

P.S. The translation is rusty because it wasn’t a cross-over song. But it does the trick and the music does the rest.

Taken from

I’m here

“rain was falling on the balcony,
And you, smoking a cigarette on the couch,
Your voice, calling on the balcony to see rain.

They were my hands from the strings to the paper,
Also, your eyes from my face to the wall,
Without faith, knowing that you have finished raining.

I’m here without you,
Sunk into silence,
I’m without you here,
Wishing you back with me,
Let’s go to the balcony to see rain.

Always you swore that one day were not going to return,
because together and there was nothing else to do,
Then you left with the car until six.

Rain continues to fall on the balcony,
And you, you’re not with your cigarette on the couch,
And trying to write this song.

I’m here without you,
Sunk into silence,
I’m without you here,
Wishing you back with me,
Let’s go to the balcony to see rain.

I’m here without you,
Sunk into silence,
I’m without you here,
Wishing you back with me,
Let’s go to the balcony to see rain.”

sometimes paradise is “es un placer”…

full moon

The other night, one of my beloved former co-workers took this beautiful photo of the full moon in playa.! O.C. made my job so much more enjoyable when I worked in Mexico. He always had the latest gossip and knew everything about everyone. He was the go to guy regarding all the ins and outs of our hotel.

When I asked him yesterday if I could use the photo, he replied “Just do it honey, not problem for me.” Of course, it came with smiley kissy emoticons πŸ™‚ After thanking him profusely, his response had me in stitches.!! He replied in our (former) required hotel speak to guests, “Es un placer” or “It’s a pleasure”. jajajaja

I hadn’t heard those words in forever. We were always proper with the guests when we used it. But with each other, we would try to outdo ourselves with different voices and exaggerated body movements. All those memories came rushing back and made me happy πŸ˜€

Oh yes, and the full moon photo was glorious too.!! Have a great week.!

sometime paradise is a ray of light…

ray of light

My wonderful friend, P. the photographer, took this beautiful photo yesterday. It’s been pretty cloudy and cold (70 degrees Fahrenheit – hahaha) the last few days in Playa. But yesterday morning, out of the cloudy darkness, a ray of light escaped.!

Breathtaking.! I hope everyone’s weekend was beautiful πŸ™‚