sometimes paradise is lovely…

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I leave you at the start of this weekend with this beautiful image from Canibal Royal – a lovely beach club in Playa del Carmen.! Enjoy…and here in the States…I hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend.!! To everyone else, “que tengas un buen el fin de la semana.!!”

sometimes paradise is chill…

courtesy of facebook/com/zenzibeach

courtesy of facebook/com/zenzibeach

My second favorite place to relax in Playa del Carmen.! Zenzi Beach Club is much more intimate than Kool Beach Club. Plus, it’s a fan favorite of locals and expats.!

Great fish and shrimp tacos plus amazing guacamole.!! What’s not to love.!?!!! And after the last two weeks, it would be wonderful to be seating in one of those lounge chairs taking in the beautiful Caribbean 🙂 Órale ….

find your beach take 17

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Feliz lunes.!! Happy Monday.!! Volví.! I’m back.! Since, I started writing this blog a little over 2 years ago, I have never felt the need to take a break. Until now… Dealing with my father’s sudden and very serious illness while being his personal assistant, advocate, and support; working; and let’s not forget trying to get some sleep required a give somewhere else. And unfortunately, dear readers, the give became my blog. So please forgive my three week absence, but this girl needed a break. Luckily for all of us, the wheel of life turns and this life is looking up a little bit lately.!

My father has been breathing on his own for almost four weeks now.!! And three weeks ago, after 2 whole months, I was finally able to speak to my dad.!! I can’t even begin to describe the elation I felt hearing his voice and realizing that even though he was still a little confused regarding what had happened, he knew who I was and spoke my name.!! There had been some worry that he might have suffered some memory loss. And as we know, the brain is a wondrous and complicated beast. How did I know whether he would forget me, but remember goulash. Or forget me and remember the Bulls. It could happen, he really loves food and the Bulls 🙂 So most assuredly a moment that at once made me scream in joy and weep with relief. My dad is in rehab now for the last part of his recovery. While the timeline is moving at a glacial pace, I remind myself it is moving.

Also, the summer is finally upon us in Chicago. The weather of late has been superb – sunny skies, breezes, and a little rain to cool us off as needed. I’ve been able to spend some time with close friends and relax. And really isn’t that what life is about – spending time with loved ones – eating, drinking, and sharing. This week’s much overdue Corona commercial celebrates sharing with good friends, old and new, while enjoying good food and drink.! Enjoy.!! Y salud.!!!

sometimes paradise is pink…

playa pink

It’s always amazing to me the many different colors that Playa contains. Blues, purples, reds, oranges, and the other day…pink. Hmmmm…deep sigh..

This gorgeous photo is courtesy of my friend D.V. Thanks D.V.!! Great shot…wish I was there 🙂

sometimes paradise is stormy…

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It was rainy last week in Playa del Carmen. And the storms came out in full force. Another one of my favorite beach bars – Canibal Royal – snapped this shot of the storm coming in. Just gorgeous.!!

See you for Corona tomorrow.!!

feliz cumple.!!

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It was my birthday the other day.!! Yay me 😀 Birthdays are funny. Some years you welcome them, some years you want to hide from them, and some years you meet them in full party mode.! This year, my birthday was pretty tranquil. My father is in the hospital still, so not much partying going on there. I missed the birthday lunch I have with him. Hell I missed him saying happy birthday to me too. He still has limited vocal capacity. And yes I know, he wishes me happy birthday from his heart…low key. See what I mean.?

Also, many of my good friends are out of town, so I have to wait to see them in order to celebrate. My birthday buddy will be in town for the 4th of July so we’re holding off on our regular birthday bash until then. But I have to say the amount of emails, texts, calls, and Facebook messages was astronomical. Even fellow bloggers wished me “a happy birthday”. I definitely felt special. And of course, I went out with several friends for a round of birthday lunches and dinners. Maybe a few cocktails too 🙂

But all in all, very low key. Next year’s birthday is a huge milestone; therefore, I’ve decided to have a big birthday blowout.! Yes, I know from one extreme to the other. jajajaja… I think I might actually go to Croatia.! I’m thinking about it. And you know what they say, you go where your eyes go.! See you tomorrow for another beautiful photo of Playa del Carmen.!

Canadian Club steps up for Father’s Day…

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Feliz lunes.!! Happy Monday.!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend with their special father whether it was your dad, grandpa, spouse, or significant other.!! My dad is still not home, so I visited him at the rehab hospital. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to eat our favorite weekend lunch of chicken wings and pizza, but spending time with him was still special. My dad still can’t talk full sentences as his throat is healing from the respirator. He has managed to say my name and a few other words, but that’s it. I miss talking to him 😦

Every year on Father’s Day when I wish him “Happy Father’s Day”. He always says, “Thank YOU for making me a father.!” I’m the oldest 🙂 I definitely missed him saying that to me this year. Tomorrow is also my birthday and I’m not sure he will be able to wish me happy birthday either. But I remind myself, he is still around and he is getting stronger and better every day.! And next year this time, I will get to hear his voice saying my favorite words 🙂

Corona is taking a break this week, so that we can honor my dad with a Canadian Club commercial. My dad was a huge rebel, macho man, and a breaker of the rules, so this commercial seems very timely. I’m sure if he was around during Prohibition, he would have been smuggling whiskey himself.! He was known to make moonshine back in the day.! I tried it once and almost died.!! jajaja… I hope everyone enjoys their week. See you in a few days for more of Mexico.! Until then, enjoy.! Y salud.!!

Corona moves over for Canadian Club….

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Feliz miercoles.!! Happy Wednesday.!! It’s been rough going as you all might have read on my blog. My dad is still in the hospital and while he has improved a little, it will still be a long, long journey. It was also Memorial Day weekend here in the states where we honor the brave men and women of the military who gave the ultimate sacrifice – their lives – for our freedom. For some reason, even though my father was not in the military (he was a rebel after all), the holiday resonated more loudly with me than usual. Maybe because instead of meeting family over barbeque, we were meeting in the hospital 😦

I did spend some time enjoying the company of my friends whether on the phone or in person. I had a delicious burger, truffle fries, and some tasty beverages with a lovely friend on Friday night.! One of my really good friends was also in town from Puerto Rico and we got to catch up with our old crew over a lovely Thai dinner and Sangria.! I managed to hear some wonderful stories from my friends and get in some much needed smiles and laughter. One of my friends also sent me a hysterical video from Anna Akana called “Women Can Be Dicks Too”. It was hysterical.!! I highly recommend a look see. On that note – I want to thank all of my family and friends who have held my hand, hugged me, fed me, listened to me talk, listened to me cry, made me laugh, made me smile – where would I be without all of you 🙂 You are my rocks, my legends, my Greek nymphs.!!

My mom, my rebel dad and me

My mom, my rebel dad and me

Corona is taking a holiday this week and Canadian Club is stepping in as a pinch hitter. Canadian Club has nothing to do with Mexico, but everything to do with my father. He has been drinking Canadian Club for as long as I can remember. He used to say it would put hair on my chest so I always avoided it.!! Lol… But now I can’t wait dad until you wake up and we have another drink together because I don’t care about chest hair anymore.! That’s why they have laser hair removal 🙂 Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

May Holidays in Mexico–El Día del Maestro–Teachers’ Day

Hello dear readers…My life is still topsy-tursy. Please enjoy this blog from about El Día del Maestro or Teacher’s Day.! See you soon 🙂

Surviving Mexico

El Día del Maestro (Teachers’ day) is celebrated on May 15th. Recently, this has been marked by a school suspension granted by SEP which means a day off for teachers. Whoohoo! It was first celebrated in 1918 in Mexico.

San Isidoro  Saint Isidore the Famer San Isidoro
Saint Isidore the Farmer

According to some, May 15th was chosen because of a celebration in San Luis Potosí. Students gathered every May 15 to celebrate the birthday of a teacher named Isidoro, named after Saint Isidore the Farmer, (San Isidoro) whose Saint Day is May 15, the day of his death in the year 1130 or 1172 depending on the source consulted. Isidore, the farmer-not the teacher, was made a Saint in 1622. Saint Isidore is often depicted as a peasant with a stalk of corn and while apropos for Mexico, not exactly a teacher representation.

Come again?

Ok, let’s try…

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I’m back…


Yes…’s true.! I was in Playa del Carmen last week 🙂 I have some photos and wonderful stories to share, I promise. It’s just been a tumultuous week for me personally.

So I will just start today with my welcome drink at my favorite Starbucks in Playa.! And leave the rest of the stories to come out over the next several posts…