sometimes paradise is a love song part 10…

On of my favorite songs ever.!! Enrique Bunbury’s Infinito is hauntingly beautiful. I’m sure that I have posted this song at some point during my early blog years. But it has not made it onto the love song list. Therefore, I think it’s time to rectify that void and share this emotional song with everyone 🙂 Enjoy…


“You made a deep impression on me
And now you hurt me*
If everything that’s born
Perish the same way
A moment leaves
And never comes again

And they used to say how beautiful
It was to see us walking
Loving each other boundless
They thought it’d always be the same

How did we let it happen
What did we do wrong
It was due to this damn arrogance
We didn’t know how to swallow

And lie to me a bit at least
Say that you love me even more
That in the meanwhile
You had a really bad time
That any of those fools
Knew how to make you laugh
And that the only thing you care about
Is this poor wretch


And the day I die
And I’ll die long before you
I only want one grief to be cried over
In front of my coffin
That this wound in my soul
Never got to heal up
And it’ll be desperate
Until it sees you coming


A moment leaves and never comes back
A moment leaves…”