¿Qué hora es..??

Apparently, daylight savings is not just a conundrum for us here in the states. In Playa del Carmen, this Sunday, many workers arrived to work an hour earlier than normal. Rather than later, you ask.?? Yes, because Playa del Carmen used to be on central standard time all the year long. Now, it will be on central standard time for four months out of the year. And the remaining eight months it will on the same time as the eastern United States.! Talk about confusing.!!

I’ve included the article below (in Spanish) talking about the workers arriving early. Plus a very funny skit from Last Week Tonight with John Oliver called “How is This Still A Thing?” I don’t know about you dear readers, but I’m not so sure daylight savings time is relevant anymore. Enjoy the skit.!!



courtesy of fifa.com

courtesy of fifa.com

A satirical look at FIFA, the international governing body of football or soccer. John Oliver from Last Week Tonight is hilarious.!! Enjoy.!! And please remember “football is religion.!” jajaja