sometimes paradise is a tres aniversario…

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March 18th is another very important date in my life. For starters, six years ago, I went to Playa del Carmen for the first time and my life was changed. I fell in love with the people, the town, and Mexico itself.!! I never wanted to leave. But leave I did…

And so three years ago on the very same date…I started my blog. I needed to deal with the pain of leaving a place I had grown to love immensely. I need to grieve the loss of Playa’s sky, clouds, water and scent which I no longer received nourishment from on a daily basis. I needed blog therapy.!!! jajaja

And it worked.!! Yesterday was my three year anniversary.!!! While, I can’t believe three years have gone by; I also can’t believe I don’t miss Playa as much.?! Of course, I miss my friends.! But I now have a new life in Chicago which I love very much too 🙂

Thank you dear fellow bloggers for your support and encouragement.! I truly feel like I have made some good friends from blogging and developed a social network 🙂 Thank you to all of my readers, followers, and friends.! If you didn’t keep reading, I probably would have stopped writing at some point and the blog therapy wouldn’t have been as successful.! So thank you 😀 Muchas gracias a todos.!!

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sometimes paradise is a hamaca…

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I love hammocks (hamacas).!! They’re the perfect beach side accoutrement 🙂 In the Riviera Maya, they are a huge draw at many bars, restaurants, and hotels.

Among Riviera Maya residents, sometimes they’re they only sleeping arrangements they have. Now while I love a good hamaca, I don’t think I would ever get comfortable enough to sleep in it all night.! But you never know…

sometimes paradise is a love song part 12…

The band Camila has a moody and yearning sound to their love songs. They amazingly put into words (and music) what many of us wish we could say to our loved one. Bésame is one of those songs. Enjoy…

English translation
Kiss me

“Kiss me without it being the right moment
Without mercy and in silence
Kiss me, stop time
Make this that I’m feeling grow

Kiss me, as if the world were ending after that
Kiss me and kiss by kiss turn the sky upside down
Kiss me without a reason
Just because the heart wishes for it
Kiss me

Feel me in the wind,
As I die slowly
Kiss me without a motive
And I will be with you forever


Ooh… oh… Kiss me


Kiss me like this, without holding back
Stay within me, without conditions
Just give me a single reason to
And I will stay (And I will stay)
And I will stay (And I will stay)”

return of the prodigal daughter…

I guess February 17th is a special day in my existence. Three years ago yesterday, I returned from Mexico. And one year ago yesterday, I started my awesome job.!! Please take a moment to stroll down memory lane with me 🙂


chicago chicago

I cannot believe a whole year has passed since I left Playa del Carmen.!! One year ago on February 17th, 2013, I left Mexico and returned to my home in Chicago. The funny thing is that after almost three years living and working in Mexico, Mexico had become my home. In fact, those first few months back in Chicago, I felt like a foreigner in my own country.! I wasn’t familiar with any of the new tv shows. There was a plethora of new restaurants and bars in the city to make me feel like a social outcast.!! And I am always in the know about what’s cool and hip.!

I also felt out of step with the tenor and feel of America in general. Everyone moved faster, talked faster, and was busy with a million and one obligations. The laid back lifestyle I had enjoyed in Mexico dissolved…

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sometimes paradise is a love song part 11…

Edgar Oceransky’s “Estoy Aqui” is a personal favorite of mine. It’s one of those songs that if I didn’t live in Mexico and hadn’t had a Mexican boyfriend at some point – it would never have crossed my path. And that would have been heartbreaking. Because it’s usually the dreams and goals you didn’t get to that leave you inconsolable and regretful. That’s how I would feel if this song had never echoed in my ears, my heart, and my soul. It has just the right amount of heartbreak, longing, and loneliness. Enjoy 🙂

P.S. The translation is rusty because it wasn’t a cross-over song. But it does the trick and the music does the rest.

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I’m here

“rain was falling on the balcony,
And you, smoking a cigarette on the couch,
Your voice, calling on the balcony to see rain.

They were my hands from the strings to the paper,
Also, your eyes from my face to the wall,
Without faith, knowing that you have finished raining.

I’m here without you,
Sunk into silence,
I’m without you here,
Wishing you back with me,
Let’s go to the balcony to see rain.

Always you swore that one day were not going to return,
because together and there was nothing else to do,
Then you left with the car until six.

Rain continues to fall on the balcony,
And you, you’re not with your cigarette on the couch,
And trying to write this song.

I’m here without you,
Sunk into silence,
I’m without you here,
Wishing you back with me,
Let’s go to the balcony to see rain.

I’m here without you,
Sunk into silence,
I’m without you here,
Wishing you back with me,
Let’s go to the balcony to see rain.”

sometimes paradise is picture perfect…

picture perfect playa

Wishing you all a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend.!! Leaving you with this “picture perfect” photo my friend P., the photographer, took recently of Maroma Beach. Maroma Beach with all of it’s fantastic hotels, gorgeous beaches, and amazing views is one of my favorite beaches in the Rivieria Maya.!!

Don’t you all wish you were sitting right there with that view 🙂 Tenga buen el fin de semana.!

sometimes paradise is a love song part 10…

On of my favorite songs ever.!! Enrique Bunbury’s Infinito is hauntingly beautiful. I’m sure that I have posted this song at some point during my early blog years. But it has not made it onto the love song list. Therefore, I think it’s time to rectify that void and share this emotional song with everyone 🙂 Enjoy…


“You made a deep impression on me
And now you hurt me*
If everything that’s born
Perish the same way
A moment leaves
And never comes again

And they used to say how beautiful
It was to see us walking
Loving each other boundless
They thought it’d always be the same

How did we let it happen
What did we do wrong
It was due to this damn arrogance
We didn’t know how to swallow

And lie to me a bit at least
Say that you love me even more
That in the meanwhile
You had a really bad time
That any of those fools
Knew how to make you laugh
And that the only thing you care about
Is this poor wretch


And the day I die
And I’ll die long before you
I only want one grief to be cried over
In front of my coffin
That this wound in my soul
Never got to heal up
And it’ll be desperate
Until it sees you coming


A moment leaves and never comes back
A moment leaves…”

sometimes paradise is stardust…

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How appropriate that Soy Playense had this breathtakingly beautiful photo of the starry night sky last night. As if the universe itself was paying tribute to the Starman himself, David Bowie, who passed away on Sunday.

RIP David Bowie…what a truly beautiful, magical, and mystical man…

sometimes paradise is paamul…

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On Soy Playense’s Facebook page today they had the beautiful picture of Paamul above with the following caption – ¿Ya conocen Paamul? Se los recomendamos para escaparse éste domingo soleado. (Already know Paamul? It’s recommended to escape there this sunny Sunday).

Paamul is a gorgeous town located 10 minutes south of Playa del Carmen and 25 minutes north of Tulum. It’s name in Mayan means ‘hill or destroyed ruin’. It’s not as touristy as either Playa or Tulum; therefore, it’s an ideal site when you want to get away and enjoy the natural beauty of the Riviera Maya 🙂

As I put on my winter boots to run errands today, I’m wishing I was putting on my flip flops instead on my way to the beach.!! Oh well….soon 🙂 Happy Sunday everyone.!!