sometimes paradise is “es un placer”…

full moon

The other night, one of my beloved former co-workers took this beautiful photo of the full moon in playa.! O.C. made my job so much more enjoyable when I worked in Mexico. He always had the latest gossip and knew everything about everyone. He was the go to guy regarding all the ins and outs of our hotel.

When I asked him yesterday if I could use the photo, he replied “Just do it honey, not problem for me.” Of course, it came with smiley kissy emoticons 🙂 After thanking him profusely, his response had me in stitches.!! He replied in our (former) required hotel speak to guests, “Es un placer” or “It’s a pleasure”. jajajaja

I hadn’t heard those words in forever. We were always proper with the guests when we used it. But with each other, we would try to outdo ourselves with different voices and exaggerated body movements. All those memories came rushing back and made me happy 😀

Oh yes, and the full moon photo was glorious too.!! Have a great week.!


sometimes paradise is a Christmas full moon…

courtesy of

courtesy of

How perfect there is a full moon this Christmas (La Navidad con luna llena).!! Just beautiful.

Enjoy the holidays…enjoy your family and friends..enjoy the magic 🙂

sometimes paradise is a full moon…

Friday evening

P.S./Friday evening

Saturday evening

P.S./Saturday evening

My friend P., the photographer, took the above photos of the full moon.! Isn’t it just gorgeous.?! Did I mention that P. went and bought a camera because of all the love and support she received from this blog for her photos.! Thank you dear readers and fellow bloggers.!! Now P. gets to do what she so dearly loves and we get more photos of beautiful Playa.!!

Ricardo Pincilotti Ezcurra

Ricardo Pincilotti Ezcurra

The photo directly above and directly below of the full moon were taken by a former colleague of mine in Playa del Carmen, Ricardo Pincilotti Ezcurra. It’s a little difficult to see even by the light of the full moon, but they are releasing turtles into the Caribbean.!! How exciting.!! And of course, the moon is amazing as usual.!! Gracias Ricardo for letting me use your photos.! And I hope you enjoy your 5 seconds of fame 😀

Ricardo Pincilotti Ezcurra

Ricardo Pincilotti Ezcurra

hola luna…soy rosa…

courtesy of playa del carmen at riviera maya on

courtesy of playa del carmen at riviera maya on

One of my favorite (actually most favorite) activities while living in playa was to go to the beach during a full moon.!! The sand and the sea added to the mystical quality of the full moon. When I closed my eyes, I could be anywhere. It could be any time. I could be anyone. And, of course, I always properly introduced myself to each full moon – hola luna.! soy rosa.!

My full moon trips to the beach became so well-known that after only a short time period living in Mexico, my friends would call me up to ask me what time were we going to the beach.!! jajaja… Sometimes we would bring beer. Sometimes we would just bring each other and write in the sand. Talk about our week or talk about our dreams. It was always magical….

courtesy of playa del carmen @ riviera maya

courtesy of playa del carmen @ riviera maya on

I miss those moments. Especially after this past year of supermoons.!! A supermoon is the beautiful happenstance of a full moon coinciding with the moon’s closest approach on it’s orbit to Earth. Thereby, making the moon appear larger than life.!! I can only imagine how breathtaking it has appeared in playa.!! One of the captions for the photo at the top simply said ‘the Mexican Caribbean sky’ or ‘el cielo del Caribe Mexican’.!

I have culled some photos from some of my favorite web pages showcasing the full moon in playa this past weekend. As you can see, it is mesmerizing. Oh how I wish I could have seen it in playa.!! This weekend, I watched the moon from my car and my back porch. It was lovely, but it was so far away. I felt almost like we were friends who had grown apart. And I wanted so badly to find the miracle elixer to bring us closer together. Maybe we just need to start over and reintroduce ourselves – hola luna.! soy rosa.!!

courtesy of Rancho Baaxal on

courtesy of Rancho Baaxal on