Pinche blog..!!

As I’m still traveling, here’s another very early original blog post.!! It’s about my favorite topic…no not food…my second favorite topic.!! Swear words..!! Please enjoy and see you for Dos Equis over the weekend 🙂


**Warning – swear word alert**

worthless fucking bastard - courtesy of ‘worthless fucking bastard’ – courtesy of

I have to admit I swear a lot. Damn has probably been one of my most favorite swear words. It fits perfectly in every occasion. Damn this…damn that…pick up the damn phone. You get the drift.

When I moved to Mexico, I learned a lot of swear words early on. People enjoyed telling them to me and hearing me parrot them back. Some sick twisted game they enjoyed playing with the new gabacha..!! Gabacha refers to an English speaking, non-Hispanic woman by the way. However, I never truly felt comfortable with any of the swear words. That is until I learned about pinche.

worthless asshole teacher - he put me as missing but I answered - courtesy of ‘worthless asshole teacher – he put me as missing but I answered’ – courtesy of

Technically, pinche refers to a kitchen boy. It’s the guy (or gal) who cleans up the Chef’s…

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