sometimes paradise is pink…

playa pink

It’s always amazing to me the many different colors that Playa contains. Blues, purples, reds, oranges, and the other day…pink. Hmmmm…deep sigh..

This gorgeous photo is courtesy of my friend D.V. Thanks D.V.!! Great shot…wish I was there 🙂

sometimes paradise is sunny…

playa sunny

Sometimes after a storm, paradise is sunny. Sometimes after the full moon, the sun comes out in paradise.

What a beautiful, sunny, bright morning in Playa del Carmen.!! My friend P., the photographer, took this photo the other day. Glorious 🙂

Can you believe P. takes all these photos on her phone.?!? She does such a fabulous job, I think I (and many likes on her Facebook page) have convinced her to buy a camera.!! Which means more wonderful photos of Playa are in our future.!!

find your beach take 16

courtesy of

courtesy of

Feliz miercoles.!! Happy Wednesday.!! I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend.!! Here in the states, it was July 4th, so it was a pretty exciting weekend.! One of my friends just got back from Papa New Guinea. Since she knows I’m a coffee fiend, she brought me back some coffee from there.!! I can’t wait to try it 🙂 I also saw my lovely friend who moved to Puerto Rico recently. She was in town newly engaged and showing off her ring and fiancé or novio.!! jajaja… We spent a lovely day with tacos, elotes, and Corona.! Did I mention her novio is Mexican.! It was great to see her and celebrate.

I also got to see fireworks…everywhere actually.!! I saw them while I was visiting with my engaged friend. And then on the drive home, I saw fireworks along the expressway pretty much as I drove by every township. It was pretty cool 🙂 Sorry I didn’t get any photos. On another note, my dad is doing a little better. I stopped by to see him too. I can’t wait until we can hang out and eat some chicken wings.!!

And as for the weather…well…it feels like Dublin in July. Cold and rainy. Not summer Chicago weather at all. This week’s Corona commercial is a letter from the winter season to summer. But really it may as well be a letter from the city of Chicago to summer reminding it of all the reasons we LOVE summer.!! I’ll have more pretty pictures of Playa tomorrow. Until then, enjoy.! Y salud.!!

sometimes paradise is stormy…

courtesy of

courtesy of

It was rainy last week in Playa del Carmen. And the storms came out in full force. Another one of my favorite beach bars – Canibal Royal – snapped this shot of the storm coming in. Just gorgeous.!!

See you for Corona tomorrow.!!

“calmate rosa”

I am still working on being calm…I mean I’m Croatian after all. But I’m getting better. Here’s a reminder from two years ago…


courtesy of courtesy of

A todos mis amigos Mexicanos que con frecuencia decían: “Calmate Rosa” – al parecer no es posible – jajajaja..!! Or in English, to all my Mexican friends who frequently decried: “Calm yourself Rose” – apparently it’s not possible – hahaha..!!

In one of my earlier posts, I described the Mexican concept of mañana. In this concept, life is too short to be lived on tight schedules and should be enjoyed. Rigid schedules are only for buses and airplanes. Since this was Memorial weekend here in the states, I decided to embrace the concept of mañana again..!! I had several friends visiting and I wanted to enjoy the weekend to the fullest.

But this weekend, I was also thinking about the Mexican phrases calmate and tranquilo – calm yourself and tranquil. The weekend was such a hectic blur of people, traffic, cars and crazy energy..!! So many…

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Dos Equis diecinueve

courtesy of

courtesy of

Feliz lunes..!! Happy Monday..!! I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend 🙂 We had a pretty horrible winter in Chicago this year. And the summer has unfortunately been pretty cold with fall type weather. However, the last few days have alternated between thunderstorms and super hot and muggy. It’s enough to make a girl run away to playa.!! Especially after seeing one of her good friends in Mexico post a bunch of photos having fun around town.!! Thanks C..!! No really, I mean it.! jajaja

And of course, then there was the latest report that this coming winter is going to be pretty cold too. Geesh.! The fun never ends.! As for my weekend, it was a blur. Though I did catch up with old friends on the phone 🙂 And there was a chocolate birthday cake for dessert for a new friend. So not too shabby. Maybe when I’m feeling better, I will try and paint the town red while avoiding really bad pick-up lines.! jajaja.. In this week’s Dos Equis’ commericial, the Most Interesting Man in the World gives us his opinion on pick-up lines. I think I would have to agree with him.!! Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

Do you speak Spanglish?

Please check out this blog post from the Friendly Spanish Blog.!! This particular post resonates with me deeply because I’ve been doing it for years and I had no idea there was a name for it.!!! It’s called code switching and happens when a bilingual person switches between two languages in the same conversation.! Since Croatian is my first language, I have been doing this for years with other Croatian-Americans switching back and forth between Croatian and English. Sometimes I would switch because I was lazy and didn’t know the word. But oftentimes, I would switch because one language had a word or phrase that better expressed what I was trying to convey.

Strangely enough, I did this in Mexico too.!! Everytime, I learned a new word or phrase in Spanish, I would incorporate it into my daily existence mixed with English. Sometimes, people would make fun of me, but it turns out it’s the best way to learn a language and have it stick.!! While working in Mexico, I met a Mexican girl who spoke English and was dating a Serbian boy so she spoke Serbo-Croatian.!! Talk about code switching in three different languages.!!! I was in heaven 🙂 Enjoy the post.!!

Friendly Spanish Blog

The USA is frequently cited as the world’s great ‘melting pot’, having welcomed an unmatched diversity of immigrant communities over the last few centuries. The contemporary patterns of immigration are thoroughly dominated by the Hispanic or Latino communities, which constitute the fastest growing ethnic group in the states, steadily approaching 20% of the population. These groups are especially concentrated in Southern California, Florida, Texas, New Mexico, and major cities all over America. Within this huge community there is a complex range of nationalities, races and cultures. Mexicans make up 34.5 million alone, but Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Salvadorans, Dominicans and Guatemalans all count at least one million. Obviously, the key unifying factor here is the Spanish language, which not only exerts a powerful linguistic presence in its own right, but has also intermingled with English to create a fascinating and dynamic phenomenon: Spanglish.

Spanglish in action Spanglish in action. Source:

One characteristic…

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