Tecate take 27

blue tecate light

Welcome to the weekend.!! Bienvenido al fin de semana.!! So I have completed my first full week of grown-up, get dressed up, and drive to a ‘real’ job in the states.!! Whew.! It has been some time, as for the last few months I have been working out of my house writing and consulting. And prior to that I worked in Mexico.! But I met a great group of people at work this week and we have been having fun.! Which, of course, is an important part of work – enjoying the company of your co-workers. However, I am still writing and consulting.!! So trying to put all those puzzle pieces together and in the right place and time has been a little discomfiting. But hopefully, I will have it figured out by next week.!

In the meantime, to bring you into your weekend in full Tecate style, I bring back our lovely Mexican parents from a few weeks ago.!! In this third installment, they are still upset that their son is drinking watered down light beer.!! And they plead with him to drink Tecate light because at least it tastes like beer.!! The father even complains that he is being ridiculed in town and being called the waterboy’s father. A reference to soccer which apparently the son doesn’t like either.!! jajaja..

Ah the joys of parent-child relationships.!!! I have included the script in Spanish and English. The commercial was a little difficult for me to follow, so I thought I would help the rest of you out with a translation 🙂 One final note, the mother keeps using the expression “que mala onda” which basically translates to what a bummer or what a bad thing. I kept it in the Spanish throughout because it is one of those expressions that does not translate exactly into the English usage as well.

I also want to thank my lovely friend P. for helping me with the translation.! Gracias amiga querida.! Enjoy your weekend.!!! Y salud a todos.!!

-la sra. – Dile algo!
-el sr. – Pues ya le dije, ya deja de tomar esas light beer, ya ni la amuelas hijo! Saben a pura aguita, sabes lo que me dicen ahora en la calle? Mira ahĂ­ va el papa del aguador!
– la sra. – Que mala onda.
– el sr. – Mira! Aguador? Aguador de que? Si a ti ni te gusta el futbol!
– la sra. – Me cae que que mala onda!
– el sr. – Hijo, si no viste mi mensaje anterior, te lo repito, toma tecate light, esa si sabe a cerveza!
Tecate light, por los que quieren mas!

– la sra. – Tell him something.
– el sr. – Since, I already told him. Stop drinking those light beers, you just screw it son! They taste like water!! Can you believe how they call me at street? Look there is the waterboy’s father!
– la sra. – Que mala onda!
– el sr. – Look! The waterboy? Which waterboy, if you dont even like soccer game!
– la sra. – Me cae, que mala onda!
– el sr. – Son, if you didn’t see my last message, I tell you again, drink tecate light, it tastes like beer indeed!
Tecate light for those who really want more!