sometimes paradise bites…

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courtesy of OECD (2015)

I promised when I first started this blog that I would talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly of living in Mexico. Most of the time, I forget to talk about the ugly because I’m usually a positive person and I like to leave bad memories, bad incidents, and bad people in the past. But recently one of my friends who still lives in Mexico posted the above statistics on minimum wage.

While, one of the reasons I left Mexico was to be closer to my family especially my father. He is getting on in years and has been sick before. And as recent events have shown with my dad, I’m really glad I was close by during his most recent illness.

But I also left Mexico because I couldn’t make enough money. For a foreigner, I had a decent salary. I made about $1,000 USD plus tips. But I didn’t make enough to save. After paying the rent, groceries, utilities, transportation to work…sometimes I made enough to buy shoes or a purse for work use. But that’s about it. I never made enough to save. And that’s important because emergencies happen or you need a plane ticket to go home 🙂

It makes me sad to see that many residents of Mexico still do not not make enough to enjoy a secure living. Of course, there are people in Mexico who make good money. But so many more, especially in the service industry do not. And that includes police officers as well. According to Huffington Report – “a report by the government’s National Public Safety System says the average wage for state police in Mexico is 9,250 pesos, which is equal to about $670 per month or about $8,000 annually.” (Sep 25, 2011)

I doubt wages have gone up much since 2011. Anyways, there you have it. I know money can’t buy happiness.! Don’t I know it.! But I also know money erases a lot of stress, helps pay doctor’s bills, helps you buy fresh food, and gives you peace of mind. Here’s wishing for peace of mind for everyone 🙂 And back to ‘the good’ posts with Corona in the next blog post.!