sometimes paradise is sheer perfection…

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I mean seriously I can’t make this stuff up.!! This picture taken yesterday in Playa is sheer perfection.!! An ocean view complete with a spectacular rainbow (arco iris) from one of the tables at Zenzi Beach Bar (a personal favorite I might add).!

Due to all the storm activity in the Caribbean, the sky is always a beautiful mix of azure blue, clouds, and rainbows. That’s the upside. The downside is Hurricane Matthew was in the neighborhood and is heading north. Wishing everyone in the hurricane’s path Godspeed.

sometimes paradise is maja’che….


On May 5th, Playa del Carmen experienced a storm or tormenta. The winds came suddenly, furiously and fiercely.


Maja’Che is the Mayan name for sudden winds that can knock over trees. My very brave friend P., the photographer, took these amazing photos. There are also some videos – I’ll see if I can post them soon. Also, there were some lovely calm “after storm” photos I’ll share next time too 🙂

sometimes paradise is stardust…

courtesy of

courtesy of

How appropriate that Soy Playense had this breathtakingly beautiful photo of the starry night sky last night. As if the universe itself was paying tribute to the Starman himself, David Bowie, who passed away on Sunday.

RIP David Bowie…what a truly beautiful, magical, and mystical man…

sometimes paradise is kool 2…

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courtesy of

When I need a moment to relax, I visualize this beautiful view.!! I spent many days (and some nights) at Kool Beach Club and it never disappointed. And this week especially heavy with meetings, deadlines, meetings and more deadlines, I need this view more than ever.! Happy almost Friday.!!

sometimes paradise is chingona…

cancun airport

My friend P. took this photo flying over Cancun International Airport.! It’s just beautiful.! Or as one of her friends said, “Chingona foto.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.! Lol…. 🙂

For everyone who doesn’t know what chingona (f.) or chingon (m.) means, Urban Dictionary defines it as – a word used in Mexico for a “really fuckin’ cool girl or guy.” Or in this case, a foto (f.). 🙂

sometimes paradise is a doble arco iris…

courtesy of

courtesy of Foto: Christian Ventura

“Lluvia y doble arco iris, así iniciamos el día hoy.! Rain and a double rainbow, so we started the day today.!” – Soy Playense.

This was the magical scene in Playa del Carmen yesterday.!! Not one but TWO rainbows 🙂

courtesy of P.S.

courtesy of P.S.