sometimes paradise is sunny…

playa sunny

Sometimes after a storm, paradise is sunny. Sometimes after the full moon, the sun comes out in paradise.

What a beautiful, sunny, bright morning in Playa del Carmen.!! My friend P., the photographer, took this photo the other day. Glorious 🙂

Can you believe P. takes all these photos on her phone.?!? She does such a fabulous job, I think I (and many likes on her Facebook page) have convinced her to buy a camera.!! Which means more wonderful photos of Playa are in our future.!!

la luna…la luna…no.! El sol….


While, there was an amazing full moon earlier this week. Nobody I know took a photo of it.!! I think everyone was too busy celebrating Cinco de Mayo.!! jajaja

dawn 2

dawn 3

However, my friend P., the photographer, did manage to get some beautiful photos of the sunrise (el amanecer) over the Caribbean the day before the festivities began. So let’s enjoy the sun today 🙂

dawn 4

dawn 5