May Holidays in Mexico–El Día del Maestro–Teachers’ Day

Hello dear readers…My life is still topsy-tursy. Please enjoy this blog from about El Día del Maestro or Teacher’s Day.! See you soon 🙂

Surviving Mexico

El Día del Maestro (Teachers’ day) is celebrated on May 15th. Recently, this has been marked by a school suspension granted by SEP which means a day off for teachers. Whoohoo! It was first celebrated in 1918 in Mexico.

San Isidoro  Saint Isidore the Famer San Isidoro
Saint Isidore the Farmer

According to some, May 15th was chosen because of a celebration in San Luis Potosí. Students gathered every May 15 to celebrate the birthday of a teacher named Isidoro, named after Saint Isidore the Farmer, (San Isidoro) whose Saint Day is May 15, the day of his death in the year 1130 or 1172 depending on the source consulted. Isidore, the farmer-not the teacher, was made a Saint in 1622. Saint Isidore is often depicted as a peasant with a stalk of corn and while apropos for Mexico, not exactly a teacher representation.

Come again?

Ok, let’s try…

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