See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

See the fireworks howdoyousaytacoinspanish created by blogging on Check out their 2015 annual report.

Source: See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

It’s my anniversary..!!

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I had forgotten all about it. But there it was yesterday – a message from WordPress reminding me.! It was my two year anniversary.!!! I can’t believe two years has gone by.! I know – I know – I’m sure everybody says that.! But really, I can hardly believe it. I have been blogging for two years or a 104 weeks – three times a week.!! It seemed insurmountable when I began. But now…I can pretty much write a blog anywhere. Wow.! – deep sigh –

Thank you to all of my fellow bloggers for your support and encouragement.! I truly feel like I have made some good friends from blogging and developed a social network 🙂 Thank you to all of my readers, followers, and friends.! If you didn’t keep reading, I probably would have stopped writing at some point.! So thanks 😀

See the lovely message from WordPress below….


“Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 2 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!”