On Heartbreak and Writer’s Block

A very beautiful sentiment by another of my favorite bloggers at http://mexicoretold.com/. All too often, we speak of the beauty of a place without acknowledging it’s pain. And yet, sometimes it’s important to remember the beauty because it’s way too easy to discuss the darkness. Enjoy her perspective….

Mexico Retold

I have to be honest, I have been struggling to write recently and I wanted to talk about it here with you, my dear readers. I have a sadness-induced writer’s block. I have a fear that I might be doing a disservice writer’s block. I have a worry of being seen as naïve writer’s block. The problem is that writing is my life so without it I feel incomplete, so I decided instead to write about my writer’s block to see if I might conquer it.

So as many of you know, I write about Mexico.  I write the positive story of Mexico that doesn’t make it to the international press too often. I seek out the beauty and the uniqueness of this country that I love dearly and write stories about that. This last five months, however have been tough. Mexico, a country that I always describe as being…

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