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Feliz miercoles.!! Happy Wednesday.!! I hope everyone had a spectacular weekend.!! Here in the states, it was July 4th, so it was a pretty exciting weekend.! One of my friends just got back from Papa New Guinea. Since she knows I’m a coffee fiend, she brought me back some coffee from there.!! I can’t wait to try it 🙂 I also saw my lovely friend who moved to Puerto Rico recently. She was in town newly engaged and showing off her ring and fiancé or novio.!! jajaja… We spent a lovely day with tacos, elotes, and Corona.! Did I mention her novio is Mexican.! It was great to see her and celebrate.

I also got to see fireworks…everywhere actually.!! I saw them while I was visiting with my engaged friend. And then on the drive home, I saw fireworks along the expressway pretty much as I drove by every township. It was pretty cool 🙂 Sorry I didn’t get any photos. On another note, my dad is doing a little better. I stopped by to see him too. I can’t wait until we can hang out and eat some chicken wings.!!

And as for the weather…well…it feels like Dublin in July. Cold and rainy. Not summer Chicago weather at all. This week’s Corona commercial is a letter from the winter season to summer. But really it may as well be a letter from the city of Chicago to summer reminding it of all the reasons we LOVE summer.!! I’ll have more pretty pictures of Playa tomorrow. Until then, enjoy.! Y salud.!!

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