mexico via starbucks


I apologize for the tardiness of my blog post. I was not only very busy during my trip to Playa del Carmen, but very emotional as well.!! I stayed away much too long. I will not make that mistake again.! I have much to tell you about my trip. But I will keep it brief for this post. As you know I love coffee. Really it’s a toss up between what I love more coffee or Mexico.! They are inextricably entwined in my life. Which is one of the reasons besides visiting loved ones that I returned to Mexico.!


I am busy working on two projects (besides the blogging) that will allow me to at least work regularly in Mexico. Thereby, allowing much more frequent visits. As well as, making a decent wage. I cannot divulge my secrets just yet, but I will give you a hint – coffee.!! 😀 I promise as soon as either project becomes more official- you my dear readers and fellow bloggers will be the first to know.!!


For now, I just want to take you through my daily coffee salutations. I have included four pictures of my morning coffee.! There are three Starbucks cafes in Playa del Carmen and one in Playacar. Pretty much every barista knows me by name and drink (iced grande latte with vanilla). In Spanish, its helado grande latte con vainilla. If you recall from one of my earlier posts called Smoke and Mirrors,, I almost worked for Starbucks Mexico. And even though I did not get the job due to miscommunications and downsizing, I still frequented the Starbucks cafes.


I continued that ritual upon my return to Playa del Carmen. As you know, I was very happy to be back. It was a joyous occasion to be reunited with dear friends who have become my family, colleagues, and, of course, mi amor 🙂 I heard the phrase, “Que milagro“, on a number of occasions and was greeted with many hugs and kisses. Several times as I was walking down Quinta Avenida, I would hear someone shout my name. Only to turn around and see a friend or colleague. It was nice to be remembered.!!


Fortunately and unfortunately due to prior commitments, I was only able to visit for a week. But I jampacked a lot of visiting, talking, catching up, laughing, and just enjoying myself that I may need to sleep for a full week.!! I will serenade you with more stories in the coming posts. Tecate will be one day late, but it’s coming.!! As you can see from my morning coffee greetings, the love goes both ways 🙂

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