Dos Equis veintidós

courtesy of

courtesy of

Feliz Domingo..!! Happy Sunday..!! It’s still cold here in Chicago.! brrrr…. But I’m trying to make the best out of the weekend regardless 🙂 Hanging out with cool friends (literally and figuratively.!), having fun, and getting some family time in too.! One of my friends reminded me this past Friday that if we had these same temperatures after a long cold winter, we would all be wearing shorts.! jajaja… I’m sure he’s probably right. But right now, it feels like winter has already arrived.

But at least it’s not raining too. That would just make everything even more miserable. And make me want to run away even more to the land of drink umbrellas.! In this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial, the Most Interesting Man in the World discusses that very concept.! I’m not sure if I agree with him. Wait…is that even allowed.? But I appreciate his certainty on the matter. jaja.. Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

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