sweet torture…

Zenzi Beach

Zenzi Beach

It’s 51 degrees Fahrenheit (or 11 degrees Celsius) here in Chicago today.! Unseasonably cool.!! Actually, pretty much this entire summer has been rather cool. For a girl who got used to scorching heat, it’s been almost freezing.! Today, I woke up to find the above photo from my friend P. (miss photographer) on my Facebook page with the following comment –

Rose Boras Guess where I am!: 😉

At which point the following exchange took place –

me: “Zenzi Beach.!!!!!”
P.: “Yes! You’re an expert!”
me: “I wish I was with you” 🙂
P.: “Me too dear!!”

And really I do. If this week in September is indicative of future winter weather to come.! Yikes.!! It’s not going to be pretty. And I apologize way in advance for all the crying and whining I will be doing. Deep sigh…

Zenzi Beach Bar is one of my favorite places to hang out in playa.! I’m sure I’ve talked about and reviewed the beach bar before in https://howdoyousaytacoinspanish.wordpress.com/2013/12/18/when-in-rome-i-mean-playa-have-a-drink-or-two/. I highly recommend it 🙂

Right now, both you and me dear reader only get to gaze upon the lovely photograph. But one day soon, we will be sitting at one of those lovely tables – drink in hand, toes in sand, and the wind in our hair. Te prometo. Promise.

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