Dos Equis veinticuatro

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Feliz domingo.!! Happy Sunday.!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend 🙂 My weekend was unfortunately a mixed bag. On a positive note, I had a lot of fun with friends.!! And I managed to land a new job.!! Finally.! Deep sigh of relief…. It has been a pretty stressful month worrying about finances. But tomorrow is a brand new day.!! As for the other part of my bittersweet weekend, well sometimes it’s difficult to communicate properly with the people you most care about 😦 I’m sure it’s not from lack of word choice. I’m pretty competent in that realm. But I think I am lacking in the vulnerability department. My inner warrior tends to want to come out first. Really, I need to work on this aspect.

For example, in one of my less vulnerable moments, I turned down help in getting a mattress and a box spring. So I ended up sleeping on the sofa for awhile. It was pretty uncomfortable after the first week, let alone the second and third. Fortunately, that problem has been resolved and I have a cushy new bed.! Yay me.!! But I could have had one sooner if I had been a little less like Antigone from Greek tragedy.! In this week’s Dos Equis’ commercial, the Most Interesting Man in the World takes on memory foam mattresses.!! And I find myself agreeing with him once again 🙂 Enjoy.!! Y salud.!!

8 thoughts on “Dos Equis veinticuatro

  1. Yay for the new job, not so yay for finances and no mattresses:) Btw. as I wrote in a previous comment, I had hoped to get the time to go to Mexico for a week or so, but unfortunately it now looks as if I’ll only have time for Florida and Las Vegas, so I’ll be visiting Mexico through your blog posts:)

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