dos equis adios amigo

This still image provided by Dos Equis shows a scene from one of the beer company's ads featuring actor Jonathan Goldsmith as the "Most Interesting Man in the World." Dos Equis said Wednesday, March 9, 2016, they are dumping Goldsmith for another actor, in an effort to attract younger drinkers. (Dos Equis via AP) MANDATORY CREDIT

courtesy of Dos Equis via AP

Saying goodbye is never easy and especially to The Most Interesting Man in the World.!!! And while the world said goodbye to him back in September, I’ve been avoiding the whole goodbye scene. I somehow felt that if I didn’t post it here it wasn’t real. But alas, it is all too real. Dos Equis already replaced The Most Interesting Man in the World with another.!?!? Is nothing sacred.?!?! I guess not. hmph…

So the time has come for me (and you fellow bloggers and dear readers) to say “adios amigo” to the man who entertained us with such charm and derring do. Next week, I’ll introduce us to the rebound guy for The Most Interesting Man in the World. I’m not sold on him yet. Excuse me while I go find a kleenex, I have something in my eye 😦 In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy.! Y salud.!!

9 thoughts on “dos equis adios amigo

  1. I missed seeing the send off for The Most Interesting Man In The World. πŸš€ “His only regret is not knowing what it feels like”…a great line indeed. But why only one beautiful woman by his side at the end of his journey on the planet Earth? I’m feeling like I need some chips and hot salsa along with a bottle of Dos Equis Amber. 😎

    • Indeed Patrick…a great line for sure.!! I think there’s more beautiful women. They’re inside putting the champagne on ice πŸ™‚ Lol…. I think I will join you and partake of some chips and hot salsa too but maybe with a Dos Equis lager.!!! πŸ˜€

      • Maybe all the beautiful women are waiting on Mars? We can raise a toast to The Most Interesting Man In The World over our chips and salsa! πŸ˜€ Lisa and I will need to go to Casa Orozco for dinner tomorrow evening.

      • Lol…yes.! They went ahead so he would have a welcoming party on Mars.! Love it.!! I went to dinner tonight and had chips and salsa and raised a glass to The Most Interesting Man in the World πŸ™‚ I hope your dinner tomorrow night with Lisa is just as lovely.! Salud πŸ™‚

    • I agree Janey.!! I’ve seen the new commercial and I’m left feeling unsatisfied by the rebound guy :-/ But I can’t wait to hear your opinion next week πŸ™‚

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