si, si, comprendo…

A cute story from my time in Mexico when my Spanish was rusty and my Russian non-existent.!! Enjoy.!!


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A universal translator is a device that allows instant translation of any language. It is usually found in science fiction movies and the languages translated are usually alien ones. One example is the universal translator used by Uhura in Star Trek in 1966. Another example is an actual robot that can translate, R2-D2 himself, in Star Wars in 1977. I remember as a kid thinking that the universal translator was a cool device and I wished it was real. Remember, I learned English at the lovely age of 5. But of course that idea seemed as farfetched as Scotty beaming us down to another planet.

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However, unlike the ability to beam, some science fiction ideas have come to fruition in the very recent past. Now, most people communicate with each other through a Bluetooth. A device very similar to the coms used on Star…

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