sometimes paradise has a full moon…

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courtesy of

There was a beautiful full moon last night. The picture above is from one of my favorite beach bars in Playa del Carmen – Zenzi Beach Bar.!! I didn’t get a chance to see the full moon here in Chicago last night as it was covered by the clouds. And then I went to sleep…too tired to say “hola” to the moon 🙂

I also missed the beautiful meeting of Venus and Jupiter in the sky. Hopefully, tonight will be less cloudy and I will be able to see the conjunction. If not, the two planets will meet up again late August.! So I will have to be on the lookout then too. The picture below of the two plants converging is from June 28th, 2015 over Los Angeles. Breathtaking…

courtesy of

courtesy of

10 thoughts on “sometimes paradise has a full moon…

  1. A friend of mine told me “hey have you seen how beautiful was MARS near Venus” ahahahhah if you have some skill in astronomy you will find my friend really fun:-) Jupiter instead of Mars is really a BIIIIIG mistake!

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